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Hey Jeff,


I am making an artwork about you.

You speak my language in art, so I’m sure you would understand that this is not something I do to entertain my craving for creativity or my need for inspiration.

This is just something I must do to keep myself living.


“Grief is just love with no place to go.”, said Jamie Anderson, but my love for you is too much to be kept silent. It needs to go somewhere before I burst into pixie dust.

So, I am sealing my love for you into the red tapes, carrying them in my left pocket, and putting them up wherever I go.

Each time I put a piece of red tape up, it is my act of love for you. A ritual to celebrate our friendship, our time, our memories, and our love. They are little traces of me missing you and representing the presence of you in my heart and soul, everywhere I go.


This is all love.


Well, the one thing I hate about this, is that it is an ongoing thing.

I am still wishing that someday you would appear out of nowhere, as a ghost or alive, I really don’t care, and stop me from taping all over the world, all over my life.

But if you didn’t show up before I die, that’s okay, too. I will just keep taping till we meet again.


Anyway, I miss you and I love you, Jeff.

I’ll see you someday.




‘the red tape: grief, 2023 and ongoing,
tapes in public

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