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Who am i? What are you? Why is it so important to feel like you are being a good person? I don't believe that goodness makes a better world. And sometimes it's like we are all here just waiting for the end of the world. Then Here it comes. All the loneliness and sadness and anger and love. I will show you my honesty, would you show me your tears?



Chapter ___


Do you remember me? It is okay if you do not. I hope you would keep our memories though. From time to time, I'd think of the tadpole we killed that day, on the staircase. I felt sorry to it, we took its life out of curiosity and ignorance. I felt sorry to you, too, as I failed to notice that you were crying with pain. I am sorry.



Chapter __

I wasn't sure if I was surrounded by human or monsters, or if I'm the monster, so I started looking for trails. I walked into an extremely quiet and narrow street and had this very weird feeling, that was the day I saw the fish. I tried to go back and find them but they're gone. So I started putting out fliers. I decided to go on an adventure on my own. I need to go somewhere far away. I found the fish on the way but I realised I was looking for something else, something to save myself from the monsters. But no matter how hard I tried I just couldn't seem to find out what I was actually looking for. 'Maybe it's not on earth, then?', I thought. So I booked a ticket to space and Mercury was the first stop. To be honest, I didn't know if that's the Mercury. But I like the atmosphere up there, everything was romantic, even the apple at the picnic was pale pink...

Chapter _

I was once killed by everyday. I used to enjoy getting lost and be frightened by the excitement of not knowing what's coming next. But then things got out of hand and the anxiety kicked in. I screamed and shouted but no one was there. Until I met Sam, who is the most typical person I've ever met. Sam loves judging others, constantly get annoyed by every little things that did not go as Sam's will, and very lack in self-recognition. Sam could not even match a pair of his own socks. 'I need to save myself.', that's what came into my head when I saw Sam's socks.

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